SeaSketch – What is it?

SeaSketch is an online tool that supports collaborative marine spatial planning. You can find information about the natural history of the South-East region, as well as information on resource consents, fishing, administrative boundaries and much much more.

SeaSketchImage2The forum will use SeaSketch to engage stakeholders and the public in developing their plans.

Note: SeaSketch supports most modern browsers but we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best user experience. Internet Explorer 8 and up is supported but performance will be superior if version 10 or higher is used. Note that mobile browsers are not officially supported.

SeaSketch – How do I use it?

SeaSketch has many different uses, but they can generally be broken down into 4 parts:

  1. Mapping – SeaSketch is an online mapping tool that contains 80+ layers of information ranging from biodiversity distribution to commercial fisheries information
  2. Sketching – As the name suggests, SeaSketch allows you to sketch your own ideas and plans on the map. You can create different types of marine protected areas, and put them into a comprehensive plan for the region (an MPA network).
  3. Reporting – You can get information back about the sketches you have drawn. Right-click on your sketch (plan) and select “View Attributes and Reports”. You will be presented with reports on the environment, fishing, and other uses of the marine environment that occurs within your sketch. Running a report on a ‘network’ will give extra information on how well your plan would meet the MPA Policy objectives.
  4. Sharing – Once you have some good ideas in SeaSketch, you can share them with the public, your friends, facebook, twitter and the Forum members.

To find out more about SeaSketch, view the SeaSketch website.

To go directly to the South-East Marine Protection Forum SeaSketch project, click here.