December Newsletter

South-East Marine Protection Forum – December Newsletter


The South-East Marine Protection Forum’s consultation document, PROPOSED MARINE PROTECTED AREAS FOR NEW ZEALAND’S SOUTH ISLAND SOUTH-EAST COAST, published on 25 October 2016, contains an error within Volume 1 on page 62.

Under the proposed site ‘D – Pleasant River to Stony Creek’, Figure 18 relating to Commercial Fishing Intensity contains incorrect information. Please refer to the corrected table as available in the Erratum downloadable here.

The document has been updated online with the correct information as of 01 December 2016. This is available at We regret any inconvenience caused.

High Level of Public Interest

From Bluff to Christchurch, upwards of 500 people have turned out to learn more about the submission process and to further their understanding of the objectives of marine protection on the South Island’s South-East Coast.

In November, the Forum conducted a series of public information sessions throughout the region. These were held in Bluff, Invercargill, Waikawa, Owaka, Balclutha, Dunedin, Port Chalmers, Otago Peninsula, Waikouaiti, Oamaru, Timaru, Christchurch and Cromwell. In addition, Forum members representing the interests of commercial and recreational fishers held a series of well attended meetings with their respective stakeholders.

The public information sessions were run on an informal basis, where members had the opportunity to talk to Forum members and project team members in a more personal one-on-one situation. Resources on hand included A3 maps of each of the 20 proposed sites, the ability to demonstrate on-line, how to use the on-line submission form and how to use the mapping tool SeaSketch.

The meetings were a great opportunity for people to clarify the nature of the Forum’s proposals and to reinforce the fact that at this point none of the 20 proposed sites for marine protection are locked in, and that the feedback and information provided in submissions will be influential in shaping the Forum’s final recommendations to government.

The meetings have also served to reinforce the diversity of views that are held by the community within our region, with many supporting marine protection, and many expressing serious concerns about it.