Your Submissions

In late 2016 the South-East Marine Protection Forum consulted with the public on 20 proposed sites for possible inclusion in a network of marine protected areas on the South Island’s south east coast of New Zealand. See the public consultation documents for more information on the sites.

The submissions received during the consultation can be downloaded below.

Summary of Submissions

To support the Forum in their deliberations process, the Department of Conservation commissioned independent analysts to provide summaries of the submissions received. The independent summaries sought to provide an overview of the key points raised in submissions.

A further summary containing commercially sensitive information was produced for the Forum to ensure all submission information was able to be considered in a summarised form. This is not included on this website due to the potential sensitivity of the information.


The 2803 submissions were received either online, in paper form or via email and equate to thousands of pages of feedback. For ease of access, we have collated them. All private and commercially sensitive information has been removed.

Collective submissions

Submissions were received in many forms from a wide variety of individuals and organisations. Many submitters completed ‘template’ submissions (referred to as proforma submissions) which had been drafted by an organisation.

Many of these submissions contained identical information- where this is the case, we have provided a single example of each type of proforma. Proforma submissions that contained additional comments or information have been included as unique submissions in the collated submission files available on this page.

Fish Forever proforma submissions

Fish Forever proforma submissions are represented by the following example:

Forest & Bird proforma submissions

The Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand proforma submissions are represented by the following example:

Tautuku Fishing Club proforma submissions

The Tautuku Fishing Club proforma submissions are represented by the following example: